Doreen Self Storage

Doreen is a popular suburb located in Melbourne. It is situated about 26 kilometers north-east from Melbourne CBD. According to the last official census, Doreen had a population of around 12,000.

This area was settled in 1844. Back then, the first settler Patrick Reid called it Hazel Glan. Nowadays, this is still a relatively small suburb that has a community hall and a Country Fire Authority station.

Doreen is known as a place with well-developed education system because it is home to a few primary schools and private schools. This is an area blessed with unique nature which is why many people go there especially during weekends. Doreen has witnessed rapid growth in the last few years thanks to a few development projects.

If you need a good Doreen self storage solution, you should know that Public Self Storage is open seven days a week and offers 24-hour access. We have many self storage units that come in various sizes. Our facility is clean, well-maintained and secured with cameras and special locks.

At public Self Storage, we are offering both business and personal storage for all clients. We are also offering packing materials and assistance that can help you move your stuff in and out of the units.

For additional information, please call (03) 9401 4774.