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Small Moving Pack - $44.00
This small pack will be perfect if you are only moving a few items.  It contains 5 Book & Wine Boxes, 5 Tea Chests, 1 roll of tape and 5m of bubble wrap.
Move In Pack with Lock - $56.00
This pack is perfect for new move ins. It contains 5 Book & Wine Boxes, 5 Tea Chests, 1 roll of tape, 5m of bubble wrap and lock. Price – Normally $72.50 – Now $56.00 – Save $16.50…
Archive Box - $1.00
This is a strong and durable box which will make storing your archives easy. It has easy to use handles which makes transporting your files easier. Size: 300mm x 306mm x 206mm…
Book & Wine Box - $3.70
Suitable for storing books, computer software, small toys, kitchen utensils and small appliances. Size: 406mm x 298mm x 431mm…
Tea Chest - $5.60
This heavy duty box is great for less fragile items such as clothes, blankets, pillows, pots and pans, larger toys. It has a double layer of cardboard making it ideal for moving house or long term storage.
Tall Boy - $6.60
Ideal for golf clubs, sporting equipment, garden tools and garage items. Size: 450mm x 300mm x 1150mm…
Picture Box - $6.60
This box enables you to transport pictures and mirrors safely and easily. This box can also be used for plasma and tv panels. Size: 1040mm x 75mm x 775mm…
Kitchen Box with Inserts - $11.50
Heavy duty box suitable for storing crockery and glassware. Inserts are adjustable and removable. Size: 600mm x 300mm x 306mm…
Wine Box with Inserts - $5.60
Move your wine collection safely and easily in this specially designed box. It will hold 12 bottles using the specially moulded inserts. Size: 490mm x 325mm x 165mm…
Box – Small Crystal - $3.70
Useful for smaller items such as CDs and DVDs, magazines, remote controls and ornaments. It’s double wall of cardboard makes it ideal for moving less fragile items.