Make Sure Your Valuables are Taken Care of with Self Storage Insurance

Whilst our state of the art Melbourne storage facility has full security and 24-hour surveillance, it is strongly recommended you insure your valuables with insurance for self-storage. Self-storage complexes generally do not provide insurance and disclaim liability for damage or loss to your stored property.

Consider what it would cost to replace the goods you are storing. Just a few major items may have a substantial value. Self-storage insurance can protect your property and your peace of mind. Best of all, you only need to purchase insurance for as long as you need it.

Self-storage insurance through globally renowned AON Insurance.

This insurance coverage is designed to protect your household goods and other property against loss and/or damage due to fire, theft (by forcible entry), explosion, malicious damage, windstorm, smoke damage, lightning, earthquake, impact (excluding damage caused by vermin, insects & wildlife), riots and strikes, water damage, storm and/or tempest and/or rainwater. The policy will indemnify you for such losses.

AON have specifically approved Public Self Storage for Customer Storage Insurance because we have met a high level of construction, operating and underwriting standards.

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Insuring your valuables costs $2.50 per $5,000 per month. Your first month is Free.

Information relating to your policy:

* All applications are subject to approval.

* All premiums must be pre-paid.

The policy does not cover:

* War, warlike operations, invasion, hostilities, civil war, rebellion.

* Confiscation, requisition or destruction by order of government or statutory authority.

* Nuclear weapons, material, fuel or waste and ionizing radiations or contamination by radioactivity therefrom.

* Losses which are otherwise recoverable from any other insurance contract.

* Any consequential loss.

* There is no coverage for currency, deeds, securities, money notes, jewelry, watches, precious stones, furs or garments trimmed with fur and limited cover in respect of paintings, curios and works of art.

* Theft coverage exists when there are visible signs of forcible entry to your individual storage space or the building.

* Coverage ceases upon removal of insured property from the individual storage space nominated on your application of Insurance.

* Excess – $100 all claims.

Self-storage insurance can be easily applied for by completing an application form and paying on the day you move in. Public Self Storage recommends you read the Product Disclosure Statement.

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Should you have any questions regarding this insurance product please contact AON on 02 9253-7570 or Darren will be able to provide all the information you need to make an informed decision.